Face of star Qt 2011 – DORA MWIMA


Name: Dorah Mwima
Weight: 54kgs
Height: 5.6
Size: 10
We catch up with Dora Mwima the face of star Q t 2011
When did u start modelling?
I started modelling at the tender age of 13…
What has been your experience as a model?
It has been a great experience with lots of ups and downs, but as every career in life perseverance is needed.
How did you decide to join Miss Uganda contest?
The Miss Uganda contest was a big decision that i will never regret taking, it opened a lot of doors for me… I used to see beauty queens representing their countries and in my heart i wanted to be the one to do so for my country, so when the opportunity came up for me to do so I effortlessly joined!
What was your experience as Miss Uganda?
Being miss Uganda as I said was a door for me for great opportunities…I did my best to represent Uganda in Miss world and for one year i made a look of impact in the country by doing charity work, thus i launched my own foundation THE DORAH MWIMA FOUNDATION….One lesson though i learnt as to being a celebrity is that one needs to be true to yourself and not get carried away.
Why did you decide to join the face of star qt beauty?
Well Stella was looking for a face for her brand to represent her here in Uganda and she picked me as the best fit to do so.
What is your experience so far?
Working with Stella so far is a great adventure for me because she ismore passionate on her designs and cares to see that i as a representative (face of Star QT) I send and make a clear statement about th brand.
What are you planning for star Qt?
Well, i plan on working hand in hand with her in every aspect to market the brand!


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