Super Mum


Meet the bundles of joy that make Stella Nankya a super mum. Proud owners of their names, Qtie, star and Trich

Hot, successful mothers that make motherhood the best thing in the world
Kimmora lee simmons

She is a fas mother of two girls and a son, this former model and mogal is one of the richest super mums in the world. Fabulousity describes her world. She lets her kids into boardroom meetings and they do have a say on what is best for the empire, kimmora is well known for her series life in the fab lane.

Victoria beckham

She is married to the famous footballer david beckham with three sons together. She is posh among the spice girls and owns a fashion line. Beckham’s sons get to stay posh homes in any continent as long as mum is besides daddy
Jada Pinkett

She is an actress and a mother of two kids with husband will smith. her children are rumoured to be the couples retirement plan as Jaden is an actor and willow has already hit music chats with hit ma hair back and forth. The children are making money that some adults still dream of. Jada famously confirmed her step son trey to be a bonus son and even organisess holiday trips with him


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