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“Finally it’s Starqt Awards 2019. We turning 6 years come the 26th of October, do not be the last one to know,”  Stella noted on her wall.

Starqt  Awards 2019

When:  26  October 2019 starting at 6:00pm

Where: City Hall Edenvale in Johannesburg


The 6th annual Starqt Awards version will be bigger and better now that the awards will recognise all Africans.

Below are the Starqt awards categories: 


  • Best DJ/VJ
  • Most popular person
  • Best athlete
  • Best Master of Ceremonies
  • Best football team supporter
  • Most outstanding male youth
  • Most outstanding female youth
  • Business person of the year
  • Most outstanding chairman
  • Best dressed lady
  • Best dressed man
  • Model of the year
  • Most influential person
  • Best venue/ public hangout
  • Professional of the year
  • Best educational college
  • Mr. StarQt Africa 2015
  • Miss StarQt Africa 2015
  • Best entrepreneur
  • Most outstanding business
  • Best patriotic person
  • Best media person
  • People’s choice
  • Most outstanding gentleman​
  • Most outstanding lady
  • Best link to loved ones
  • Most outstanding promoter
  • Community person of the year
  • Best company
  • Lifetime achievement
  • Song of the year
  • Best car owner
  • Music artiste of the year
  • Music video of the year
  • Extra-ordinary vocal artiste

Date Published: Sunday, 05 April 2015
Source:Uganda Online


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