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This year it is rather different for her though, she is attending as co-host, and the only African representative on this platform

Stella (right) poses with the hosting team
The sixth season of Miss Super talent of the World is on as we speak, in South Korea, and our very own South African based Ugandan fashion designer, and business lady, Stella Nankya is part of it.

The gorgeous Nankya who runs the Starqt Fashion label, in South Africa; including magazine, and awards is attending the pageant for the second time; the first time she attended was in 2013, and she attended as a contestant.
stella image 2

Other hosts of the pageant include Lisa Keller from Austria, Ingrid and Minna from America.

Nankya who was inspired by her tailoring mother to join fashion will also be gracing the Miss Supertalent catwalk with her Starqt collection called qocktails. Her inspiration for this collection came from her fashion brand logo (Starqt). Most of the dresses in this collection have the Starqt log print detail on them.

“I am proud to have represented Africa, and Uganda. For me this means the world to me, I actually left my baby to be here,” she said.

“My job at the pageant is mainly production; ensuring that the girls do everything right like standing and answering interviews, Nankya said.
stella image 4All work without play: Stella takes a selfie with other contestants

The pageant that kicked off at the close April has about 50 contestants from various countries across the globe.

The grand finale will take place on 13th, May, and it is at this event that the reigning Miss Superttalent of the World, Srishi Rana will crown the new 2016, new queen. This event is one of the biggest and most watched shows in Pacific Asia

Nankya was also the first woman to represent Uganda at Miss Asia Pacific World Pageant an international beauty contest, in South Korea.
– See more at: http://www.newvision.co.ug/new_vision/news/1423900/stella-nankya-hosts-international-pageant#sthash.hEudSjNX.dpuf
– See more at: http://www.newvision.co.ug/new_vision/news/1423900/stella-nankya-hosts-international-pageant#sthash.hEudSjNX.dpuf


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